Wednesday, October 29, 2014


         All decked up or just an ordinary tree can brighten up a room. Furniture is positioned around the tree. You decorate it like there is no tomorrow. This becomes an event, it consumes your day and night. Light it up. Hang something on every last arm. Sometimes, the branches cannot even hold all the weight of the ornament. Fancy store bought or family-friendly, homemade ornaments are loved and admired by everyone.
        This tree can bond a family. It is a time of connection when a family picks this symbolic tree that best suits their house and family needs. When families are growing apart, this is what will call them back home. The dad will lift the smallest child of the family up on his shoulders with ease. A family treasure, the angle tree topper, in their gentle, caring hands. This will become a significant event to put this angle on top of the tree. This tree will hold surprises for the family. Children all around the world will become so grateful for what it gives. It will become hope for many people who need it most, and a time of giving for those that have plenty to give.

      This unmistakable smell will fill your house. There is no escaping this fresh and renewing scent, even candles are scented like this. Slowly, but surely, this scent will fade away though, along with the pleasure of this tree. Its life will be sucked away, and soon it will just be a memory. The memories of this tree will never die though, yet live on forever for years to come.  

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Angry Letter

Dear Neighbors,

            It has come to my attention that you are extremely obscene and selfish. There have been multiple occasions when you have been unquestionably disrespectful to my family and me. I remember these certain occasions like they are the back of my hand. The first incident was about two winters ago during a brutal snow storm. The wind was howling, and the snow was blowing everywhere. A tree fell down, (which, I might add, happens all the time, it’s this thing called gravity) and it just happens that it fell on your fence. The fence that you put up because you did not want to see any happy children frolicking about my front yard. Your automatic response: let’s sue. No, how about you do not sue, that would be a tremendous idea! That was just ridiculous, but I’m not done yet. After that, another offense of you aggravating us was the summer of 2013. As we live on the golf course, ever since my parents bought our house, we have had a pathway to this golf course. It was late at night and my friends and I were going to go adventure on the golf course, and maybe play a little man hunt, like all children do. As the stereotypical elderly neighbors (except you aren’t elderly, just cranky), you are like a barricade on our street of fun. You yelled at us saying something like, That is our property! Get away from there! And when I say something like that I mean exactly that. That same summer, you went over the top with being obnoxious. There was a large group of teenagers hanging out in the field across from your house. It is called the common area, if you even care.  I guess you thought that they were being quite loud, (which they were not) and decided to call the cops. You called the cops. Seriously, you called the cops? Were they really disturbing you that much? Well, I guess so because you called the cops. I never got over that. After all of this trouble you caused us, you decided to let us have a break from your long reign of terror. Now let’s flash forward through a peaceful year or so. This was probably the happiest moment of your life! You were having a baby! WOOHOO! Well no, not woohoo. You know why? I am not woohooing because the next time you talked to us, or even looked at us, was to basically ask us for baby gifts. Really? After all this time of bickering and being snobby you expect us to grant you the privilege of having a gift from us? No, sorry it’s not happening. You should have seen this coming with your actions. You wished this upon yourself and should probably reevaluate yourselves. I wish good luck to that child. I hope you have a nice childhood.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Timed Prompt

        It was Christmas Eve. Fog stuck to the tarmac at Lindbergh Field. The seats were beginning to fill in with people who I assume are either going to see their families for Christmas, or trying to get away from them. In seat 6a,b, c, and 7c was a family of four. Two little children bundled up in a mountain of blankets, probably looking forward to getting their annual visit from Santa. In seat 14b was a business man glued to his phone, probably married to his work and not looking forward to seeing his family. In seat 19a was a young man coughing his lungs out, when he yelled, I have Ebola! Great, this again. Some foolish kid begging for attention. I have seen this millions of time, but I knew this could not be good. Lights began flashing simultaneously, babies began outbursts of crying, and mothers and fathers started to panic about the safety of them and their children. Men with hazmat suits filed into the center aisle of the plane and, one by one, escorted us out of the plane. This seemed uniform to them, as if they have done it a million times, but I could tell by the expressions on their faces, they were in a sense of panic. I, however, was quite calm during this whole fiasco. The contents of the plane was all shipped of to the nearby hospital. They said this was the written procedure for what must happen. Everyone had to go along with it, and we all wanted this to be over as soon as possible, so we cooperated. The person who "has Ebola" however, did everything but cooperate. He resisted getting off the plane, he resisted getting on the shuttle, he resisted getting off the shuttle, he resisted help. Everyone was given a thorough inspection from head to toe, in every crack and crevice. It was unsurprisingly uncomfortable and awkward. Next, came a thorough cleaning for all of us. If Ebola had been on that plane, they were going to be certain it stayed there. The results were back. Parents watching and worrying over their children, business men looking at their watches every two seconds hopping they won't be late for their next meeting, and teenagers just wishing they could be anywhere but here right now all looked up with optimistic faces, that they would be safe. The results: negative. The Ebola patient was an attendee from a close by mental institution who had escaped the place he called home, and we called a prison. He was sent back to where he came from and all of the people were given a free first class ticket on the next flight out of here. It was an interesting experience that I could now cross of my bucket list, but I was happy everyone was safe.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Short Fiction

Hailey is always acting like this. She is always taking my stuff. Ever since we could talk, she would pretend to be me to get what she wanted. Her strategy was flawless, use the puppy dog eyes and a pouty lip, even though that’s my thing. Now that we are older though, it is harder for her to pull off this scheme, but she always finds a way. This time thought, it just went too far.

    It was a Friday afternoon at school. As usual, everyone was dying to go home, but me, not so much. I heard rumors that this guy, Tim, was going to ask me out on a date. Tim was the kind of guy that every girl wanted to date and every guy wanted to be, and he wanted me! I was at my locker at the end of the day, like I always am, and he walked up to me. This was actually happening, it was actually happening. He planned for us to go to an extremely fancy dinner this Saturday. I was ecstatic!

    I was so ready. Saturday evening seemed light years away, but it was really only like a couple hours away. I was all ready and chilling on the couch, but then she came in the room. Hailey. I knew this wasn’t going to be good. You know this should be me! You know I have always liked Tim since the day we met! You can’t just take that away from me! UGH! You’re so selfish! She has to stop acting this way. I am not letting Hailey control my life anymore. Only I can control what happens in my life, I told Hailey this and, of course, she was enraged. Things could only go downhill from there and I knew from her face that I was standing on thin ice. I knew exactly what she was going to do. I was about ready to leave when she called me into our room. She needed “fashion advice” for who-knows-what because she never goes out anywhere. She had a plaid skirt on with a striped shirt. I honestly don’t know what she was thinking so I helped her out, like the nice sister I am. I dug through her closet to find something more acceptable when the door closed behind me and I heard a click.


            I had to do it. She is so spoiled just because she was the youngest (by only 19 minutes I might add). She always gets what she wants it is so unfair. I do remember when I was younger, trying to take all of her stuff so she could know how it felt. Now that I am older though, I realized I was being selfish and should just be happy for what I have, but this just crossed the line. Never has she taken something from me, never has she been unfair to me! And don’t say Life in unfair, because I really do not want to hear it right now. I had to do something and I just panicked at the last minute. Kaleigh was basically rubbing it in that she was going on a date with Tim. I couldn’t take it anymore. Oh my god I can’t believe Tim asked me out! He actually asked me out! Sometimes it baffles me how inconsiderate she could be, but then again, I am also being inconsiderate by not thinking of Kaleigh’s feelings. Whatever. I had to do this

Now that Kaleigh isn’t getting to her date, I had a feeling I was going to regret what I was going to do. I went into Kaleigh’s and my room, and began looking through her dresser, of course not her closet because that’s where she was locked. I tried to remember what she was wearing, so you wouldn’t notice anything different. I thought it was a dark blue pair of jeans and maybe a navy blue shirt. Or was it black? I didn’t remember. I just decided to go with a white shirt. Then, I just had to act like her and that wasn’t hard, I just had to say stuff like Oh my gosh, no way girlfriend! and check my makeup every minute or so. I knew I could do it. I was going on a date with the one and only Tim.


I don’t check my makeup every minute, but whatever. She can think what she wants to. I knew exactly what she was going to do. She was going to dress up like me and go on my date. I was not letting that happen. Hailey thinks that if she doesn’t have something she can just take it from someone else, but not this time. I was going on that date and no one was going to stop me. I had to get out of that stupid, small closet, but the good thing is, I found that sweater I was looking for! So anyways, the first thing I did was try and open the door, but it was locked. I was going to knock down the door. I used all my strength and kicked the door with my left foot. It didn’t even budge. That was my time to shine, I had to take all of my anger out on this stupid door. I had to focus on the door, focus on the door. I hit it one more time, even harder, and it sort of moved, but not enough. I thought it was useless, it was literally useless, but I had tried again. That door was pissing me off and I could not even stand it anymore. I had to knock it down. I readied myself and took a step back, before I was stopped by all of the clothes, and then I kicked with my right foot and punched with both my hands. The door finally split down the middle. I tore it down with all my might and imagined it was my enemy, Rachel, ugh I hate that girl, but anyways, I was out and on my way to that restaurant.


When I was almost at the restaurant, my heart was pounding. I could feel the guilt building up in my chest. I knew there was no going back. I was there. I knew I had to do it. I was walking in the doors. I saw him. I saw the person I dreamed about being with for my entire life. At that point, Kaleigh had completely slipped my mind. We made eye contact and it was like sparks where flying. Then she walked in the room. Kaleigh. She was right behind me. She pinned me to a table holding my hands down and was stepping on my feet. There was nothing I could do. But I knew that was not the kind of spirit I should have at that moment. I slammed my knees into hers, forcing her to retreat back. I knew Kaleigh could not be stopped that easily though. She charged like a ram at me and practically would have tackled me to the ground, if it weren’t for Tim. He finally realized what was going on. He stepped in front of Kaleigh before she could reach me, so instead, she tackled Tim. She still found a way to flirt though, of course.


Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry Tim, but I never realized how pretty your eyes are! I said as I was getting up which isn’t flirting, I was complementing his eyes. But Hailey must have somehow known he would do that so I could make a fool of myself. She is so obnoxious. Now Tim was trying to but in, saying stuff like No don’t do this to your sister, she could join us if she wanted to. No Tim she cannot join, she is just selfish, jealous, and needs to know when to grow up! Then Hailey stormed out of the restaurant and grabbed a piece of cake on her way out. As I thought she was leaving, she turned around and threw it in my face. At that point, I was about as mad as when they canceled The Lying Game, so I picked up my phone and called you. That is why you should punish her mom, because she is a jealous, selfish, childish, and aggressive person.


Monday, October 6, 2014

A One Act Play

(The lights go up on Emily. She is just leaving a seminar at Yale and is failing to flag down a taxi.)
Emily: Wait! Please, wait!

(Emily enters the taxi.)

Emily: What? What are you doing here?
Sam: I am here for a job interview. It is so nice running into you like this!

Emily: No, no it's not. I’ll just walk home. (Emily opens the car door.)
Sam: No! No please, can we please talk?

Emily: I don’t know if I can-
Taxi driver: Let’s go here! Are you in or out lady?

Emily: Ok fine, but only until I get to my apartment, not a second later!
Sam: (nods) Ok, so we have a deal! So how have you been? I see you are going to Yale now, huh? It seems like I haven’t seen you in so long!

Emily: Yes, but I have a feeling this isn’t what you wanted to talk about.
Sam: Well, no, but-

Emily: (Pulls her face in her hands) No, no, no, no! I really don’t want to revisit this! It was so hard for me to see you with someone else. Do you realize that? I spent every night thinking what I could have done differently.
Sam: I know, I was stupid, but do you think you could just put the past behind you and move on?

Emily: Are you kidding? You say it like its easy! I can’t just forget everything you did to me and move on. I will always be afraid that you will treat me the same.
Sam: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it like that. I just… do you think you could ever forgive me?

Emily: I don’t know. It’s just so hard for me to believe anything you say.
Sam: Please, I just want things to go back to the way they were.

Emily: I know but I don’t think anything you say ever sounds sincere.

Sam: I’m sorry. I just… I just get so nervous around you. You always seem so perfect, it’s like if I’m not perfect too, I’m not good enough for you.

Emily: (Blushing) I doubt you actually believe that.
Sam: No, I swear it’s true!

Emily: (Smirking with arms crossed) Then prove it!
Sam: (Starts scratching head) Um, well, you remember our first date like three years ago.

Emily: Yeah, of course I do. We went to the movies.
Sam: Well, you know how when I accidentally ran into a table, and at the end of the day I said I just did that to try and be funny?

Emily: Yeah, how could I forget! You practically flipped the table over!
Sam: Yeah, I wasn’t trying to be funny at all, I was just nervous, but I guess it was funny anyway!

Emily: Yeah, but how were you nervous? I was terrified! I literally felt like I was going to puke with all of those stupid butterflies in my stomach.
Sam: Really? You didn’t seem terrified at all.

Emily: Well when you weren’t looking, I totally ran into this little kid and he practically balled his eyes out. I felt so bad but I had to play it off cool.
Sam: No way!

Emily: Yeah…
Sam: (Looking straight into Emily's eyes) What’s wrong?

Emily: (Looks out window) Nothing, I just don’t think I can do this.
Sam: (Turns her head with his hands so she is looking right at him) Do what?

Emily: (Pushing his hand away) You know what I’m talking about. This. Us. Together. I can’t do it.
Sam: Can’t we work these things out?

Emily: I don’t think so, I don’t think I could ever trust you again. I thought we would always have each other’s backs, but one day you just disrespected me in a way that I could never forgive.
Sam: I understand that Emily, but that was a whole year ago and I still have feelings for you and I haven’t stopped thinking about how stupid I was and… I can’t stop thinking about you Emily.

Emily: I’m sorry but I can’t do this.
(Emily storms out of the car. Sam puts his head in his hands)

Sam: I blew it. Again.
(Taxi pulls away from the curb)
Emily: I blew it. Again.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Peer Review

Rachel Brunault- Sealed: A Short, Short Story: This piece blew me away. It gave me almost no information, but at the same time I knew everything about this man. It was very descriptive with many similes and lots of imagery, it was almost like I was living in this story. From the beginning, I was being pulled in, wanting to know what happens next.

Chris Casello- Waiting: This style-subject writing style was very effective to the mood of the story. At first I did not really know what the story was about, but when I was almost at the end, the plot was revealed and I really enjoyed it. This writing piece gave me a very nice perspective of life itself, and in the view of other people.

Nick Reynolds- Self Deprecation: This self deprecation story was very humorous. I found it funny how some people get so heated and mad about something I have never even played. The reaction seemed a bit over the top, but I should probably not say anything about over reacting because I over react a lot too.