Thursday, January 15, 2015

Modest Proposal

The Land of the Free. Free from all, but not judgement. Home of the Brave. The brave are getting bigger and bigger. Our Lady Liberty is growing wider and wider. Our houses and clothes are getting bigger and bigger. The populations of the United States has become extremely lazy. If you do not have to do something, why should you have to? The amount of obese people is rapidly increasing and we need to stop this. If this continues, we will end up like the people on Wall-E. Fat and helpless. It is made apparent by Michelle Obama that we need to find a way to fix this problem. She has gone from holding conventions, to banning chocolate milk. Everyone has become aware of this problem. They try to fix the problem at the source: the food. The only problem is the food companies are too arrogant to see what is wrong with all of their products. The food companies are responsible for deaths year round. Death by chocolate. But what they do not know is that the food is not the problem. The problem is the people who can not control the lifestyles they have become accustomed to. By working together, we can fix this. The USA, land of the obese, home of the overweight.
32% of the United States population that is obese and that number is increasing rapidly. This is merely choice. People do not practice a healthy behaviors, these behaviors and habits are then passed down onto their children and grandchildren. 61% of overweight 5-10 year olds are at a risk for heart disease. This is affecting the economics in our country and in typical households. Hospital bills, medical pills, and food bills are piling up on average Americans. Obesity can also increase the risk of cancer and strokes. Children who are obese will suffer from problems at school. Self esteem and confidence issues will start to brew inside them and will never stop. Obesity can not only be seen physically, but also mentally. If don’t help them soon, there will be no stopping them from continuing their ways.
Now, I propose my solution. Citizens who are obese need to be helped. They can not stop their ways on their own. The food they eat has become like a drug, they are practically unstoppable. We will feed them the motivation to fix their problem. The proper balance of dieting and exercising can fix their problem, but they do not have the willpower to do that on their own. If we gather all the obese citizens in a helpful camp, one for each region of our country, we can help them. We will recreate their lifestyle. Everyday, each person that needs help with weight, will receive one apple. In that apple is a special chemical to literally burn the fat off of their bodies. They will be allowed to eat only this apple. After a long period of time, all of the fat will burn off of the bodies, leaving perfectly formed citizens.
As a result of this newly formed diet, we can make use of the new abundance of food feeding it to the homeless. There will no longer be children dying of hunger. In the end, the government and families benefiting from this program will form a new income of money due to the lack of medical and food bills. This will improve our country’s image and economy. With this benefit, there may seem like there has to be a downside, but there is not. This apple will provide all necessary nutritional value. It also may seem like the people being helped are not being fed enough and will starve, but that is so false. The need for food they have created in their past life will be destroyed by the motivation to get out of this facility.
If the government creates this program, the economy will improve greatly and the rate of death by hunger will decrease. The proper balance of diet and exercise would take too much effort, motivation, and time. No one would be able to control themselves around food. This program will create a fast way for obese people to lose weight, improve their health, and simply live a better life.  

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