Monday, December 22, 2014

Fan Fiction

From being continuously annoyed by his neighbors, this cephalopod was put in an inescapable bad mood. Running around Squidward’s front yard all day, caused Squidward to become irritated to the point where he could no longer stand the sound of anyone's voice.
“Would you infernal brains just SHUT UP,” complained Squidward.
Day after day, all Squidward wanted was to live far, far away from Spongebob and Patrick. He wishes to live fancily and to be able to peacefully work on his art and music. Unfortunately, that is not possible with Spongebob and Patrick around.
“Hahahahaha,” echoed Spongebob and Patrick.
Miffed and peeved, Squidward stormed outside to show his disrespectful neighbors a piece of his mind. Knowing how immature Patrick and Spongebob are, Squidward knew it would never work, but he always tried hoping one day it would finally work.
After marching outside, Squidward admitted, “being dead, or anything else, would be better than having to listen to you two all day.”
“Sorry Squidward, we were just playing around,” explained Spongebob.
‘“Can I have everybody’s attention… I have to use the bathroom,” babbled Patrick.
An irritable cephalopod is not a happy cephalopod. After a long argument, or just Squidward yelling and then Spongebob and Patrick not comprehending his anger, nothing was resolved. Squidward angrily stormed back inside only to find a old looking lamp. He was shocked to find such beautiful artwork in his house. The water began to swirl. Everything around him was lifting into the water. Everything went black.
Confused and scared, Squidward gained consciousness. He was not sure how much time has passed, or where he was. After opening his eyes, Squidward realized he was in a pineapple. Who is the only person he knows near him to live in a pineapple? Spongebob. Just the thought of being in the dwelling of this fiend made Squidward want to puke. His immediate reaction: Get up and get out.
Squidward heard someone behind him with a high pitched squeaky voice giggle.“hey Squiddy!” Terrified that he might see porous Spongebob, Squidward turned his head to only see another cephalopod. He might as well have been looking in a mirror, but he wasn't looking in a mirror, he was looking at himself. He was looking at his own body. He looked down. He saw a square and yellow body. Squidward and Spongebob had switched bodies.
“AHHHH,” roared Squidward as he raced outside.
“This is so exciting! Me and Squidward switched bodies,” explained Spongebob to Patrick
“You’re in Squidward’s body? No wonder you smell bad,” claimed Patrick.
“This is the worst day of my life,” revealed Squidward.
“ Cheer up, Squidward! It could be worse!”
“Ya, you could be bald or have a big nose,” explained Patrick
“Don’t you have somewhere else to be stupid Patrick,” asked Squidward.
“Not until four,” answered Patrick.
Contemplating what to do, Squidward basically had a panic attack. If he could not stand being around his neighbors, how could he be inside his body? They needed to come up with a way for them to switch back. Why did this happen? How could the switch back? Squidward needed to be switched back so he could be ready for his clarinet recital at eight. It was currently four. They had four hours to switch back. Squidward thought that if they were fighting when the switch happened, they needed to learn to cope with their differences and learn to respect each other to switch back.   
“I find it really disrespectful when you ruin my yard, when you both have your own yards to ruin,” admitted Squidward.
“I love playing in your yard though, its like the gateway to your soul,” replied Spongebob.
“You’re already in my body, what other gateway to my soul do you need,” asked Squidward, “ok are we switched back yet?”
“Maybe we need to get to know each other better,” suggested Spongebob, “I love working at the krusty krab and i am a master at kara-tay,” said Spongebob as he did a karate chop.
“I like when you don’t bother me,” barked Squidward, “this is not working.”
“We’re not doing so well, Patrick. We need a new approach, a new tactic,” advised Spongebob.
“Umm, I got it. Let’s get naked,” suggested Patrick.

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